Dr. Thorpe:If this guy is truly a realist, then I guess that makes this outfit okay, because he knows how stupid he looks.

Zack:Dateline, Kitchen: DA REALIST SURRENDERS TO FASHION AUTHORITIES! That's like the kind of shirt an old man would wear to bed with a stocking cap in the 1950s.

Dr. Thorpe:I think it's more of a smock. He's clearly an artist, after all, and what's an artist without a paint-caked smock?

Zack:Obviously he's a realist.

Dr. Thorpe:He's not a realist, Zack. He's Da realist.

Zack:He has just completed his masterpiece: "PItbull Wearing Diamond Necklace." Available at a fine black velvet airbrush painting retailer near you, or being sold by a Mexican outside of a gas station.

Dr. Thorpe:He won critical acclaim in the world of high art with his 1996 piece "Big Titty Angel with Caddy" and his recent airbrush on car hood mural "Aaliyah RIP"

Zack:His "Weed Leaf Triptych" will hang in the Met.

Dr. Thorpe:He found commercial success with his limited series of "Custom airbrushed e-bay Dipset XXXXXL Shirts" but recently returned to his realist roots with the matching smock-and-cap affair we witness in this candid shot.

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