Dr. Thorpe:Well, this is certainly an interesting photo, but it's not what I'd call "street style," really. Unless she means "Street of Rage." I think she was one of the bosses.

Zack:She can breastfeed human growth hormone. It emerges from her nipples as a bloody mass of flexing tendons.

Dr. Thorpe:Wow, if only Joe C were alive, that sounds like exactly the thing for him.

Zack:I am extremely lazy so this is the sort of woman I should really start wooing. I could have her move around furniture and carry me up and down steps like a baby.

Dr. Thorpe:That would be the life. "What's for dinner, sweetheart?" "A dozen raw eggs, a watermelon, and three rare steaks."

Zack:I wish I knew what the street style comments for this picture were. "Damn girl, can you open up a jar of olives for a nigga?"

Dr. Thorpe:"Shit, dude, that haircut makes you look like... well, not like a girl, I guess, but it's a little bit homo, ya heard?"

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