2013 had some really incredible Feels. Can 2014 actually top the epic level of Feels? Find out what we are looking for in upcoming Feels this year.

7. The Trailer for the Batman vs. Superman movie

Oh man, remember the Feels from the original Man of Steel Trailer? Forget about the movie, I'm talking about the trailer Feels. Reel Feels are some of the best Feels. There will be something so perfect about the music and then Batman will be brooding about something and then Superman will have something sad happening. They'll have a part where the music swells and there's no audio from the movie but just like these silent scenes of Superman and Batman with intense expressions in the middle of action. It's a safe bet this trailer is gonna take aim for your Feel Zone and score a big time hit.

6. Something in an Animated GIF

There's just something about those GIFs that can distill the pathos of the human experience down to a few dozen frames of animation. I'm talking old favorites like the Jurassic Bark GIF, that Animal Crossing GIF, etc. One of the greatest powers of the Animated GIF Feels are when they hit you when you least expect it. You could be browsing the comment section of a Jezebel article or maybe reading a forum about car detailing and - Wham! - right in the Feels. It's a safe bet at least one new GIF is gonna get you good.

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