This month's theme was "These two guys should've never left the house..." In this competition, users must Photoshop the existing image to adhere to the theme. Here was this month's RR entry:

THIRD PLACE: Derek Smart

We had to award some points to the most horrific and tasteless entry in this category. At last, we finally found out who was responsible for that horrific NASCAR tragedy!

SECOND PLACE: glasyalabolas

Although we're not exactly sure why these guys are in a cheerleading line or what that has to do with the theme of "these two guys never should've left the house...", we're giving it a second place rank because the author did a pretty good job matching up the image quality and noise ratio. The man in front obviously has too much white on him and should've had less contrast, but the furthest man matches the image / noise quality well and has a good enough Gaussian blur to blend in.


It's love at first sight.

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