SA-Mart. For the best deals on, er, things, some smart. Shop SA-Mart. Shop with bEatmstrJ. Maybe he will buy you some vowels and capital letters.

Buy My Junk Blowout: - This guy sells your favorite bands shirts like they were going out of style. Oh wait, are they?

Bolt's Cologne Decant Sale!
- No really, smelling good IS important. Well, if you want chicks anyway. Or dudes... Fag.

TONS of Goggles, Sunglasses, Watches, Clothing and Shoes - The title says it all. And $20 says this guy knows a guy who knows a guy. So take your good deal and stop asking questions!

Threadless $10 Spring Broke Sale!!!! - Who doesnt like $10 t-shirts. And with any luck they aren't sold out of the one you want... I checked, they are.

Creative Convention? An entire convention composed of creative cretins? Same thinks so!

March Photo-a-Day thread - In this holy month of March, we are gifted with glorious photograph of every day.

Drawing Stew - Hip Hop Ghosts - People and shit draw images based around a theme. Everybody loves DJs and Hip Hop right? Advertisers think so. But what they don't know is everybody really likes Hip Hop Ghosts.

Facebook's looking for designers - I am posting this because there are some shitty threads this week. But seriously now, who wouldn't (would) want to get a job at Facebook?

Let's see your business cards! - Even though the OP lllllllllllllll likes to AIM me and cuss at me for redoing the home page, this thread is useful for those going into business and need inspiration for your business card design.

My Brain to Yours: Chapter 1 - How the design of your resume can help you. - This first part in a series of CC articles was created in GBS to help everybody out. It gives great discussion and insight into the design of your resume. Future articles will be in CC.

Science, Philosophy, and Education: the forum so nice, we didn't name it twice! QuantumCat whisks us away to a world of wit and whimsy.

Ask small math questions that don't deserve their own thread. - SPE now has a megathread for all your Mathematics-related needs, be it homework help or just general questions and intellectual curiosity.

World Religions - I will pay you $10+ to discuss your religion! - Do you want to discuss your religion without fear of seeing the thread devolve into the usual `atheism vs religion' shit-flinging? Do you want to get paid $10 for doing so? Then come and help BattleRoyaleX complete his assignment.

Airplane on a Conveyor Belt - "Will a plane still take off if it is on a conveyor belt that can match its moving speed?" This question, despite its apparent simplicity, regularly spawns discussions reminiscent of the dreaded "0.9999... = 1" debates of yesteryear. Do you love to bicker for pages and pages about an ambiguously-worded problem that can be answered with minimal knowledge of newtonian mechanics and aeronautics? Then this thread is for you!

The Book Barn is neither a book nor a barn, but Captain Asthma doesn't know it yet. Shhh, it will be our little secret.

George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire - Finally, a fantasy book "without faggy elves, dwarves, orcs or furry beasts." Just what you always wanted.

Terry Pratchett's Discworld - With a reading order so complicated and nonsensical that it needs a wallpaper-sized image to be diagrammed, Pratchett's Discworld is an unorthodox fantasy series worthy of much discussion.

The 'Identify a story for me' thread - Goons show once again they that have no memory and even need help to remember easy things, such as which stories they have read (and enjoyed).

Essential Western Literature - If you've ever wanted to know which boring books to read in order for you to call yourself "cultured," look no further.

What is the most moving book you have read? - Watch goons weep as they pour out their inner souls and confess the books that affect them the most.
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