Michaelos posted:

In my case, I had only been in some game club meetings with her, so I didn't really know her that well, but she looked cute, and game club meetings gave me something to talk about, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Bear in mind that at the time I looked like a standard overweight nerd with glasses and I didn't even a car (she was actually in the middle of starting to drive me back to the Campus Dorms as I was asking her this.) so you don't have to be that good-looking for this to work:

Me: Do you have a boyfriend?
Her: No.
Me: Do you want a boyfriend?
Her: Are you asking me out?
Me: Yes.
Her: Okay!

I was originally going to say "Do you want me as a boyfriend?" next, but she saw where I was going with the amazingly direct approach.

A large number of previous relation attempts ended in "I have a boyfriend." and "I'm not looking for a boyfriend." So, I figured I would get those problems out of the way with this approach, and it worked.

Actually, I'm sort of curious what other ladies would think of this approach. I was planning on using it repeatedly, but it ended up working on the first time, so I'm not actually sure if it is a good approach or I was just lucky. It does cut out the game playing though.
Elbonio posted:
was at a LAN party and there was a girl who was literally gagging for it. All day whine whine whine she wanted to have sex. In the end I buckled and slept with her but didnt fuck.

In the morning she tries to give me a handjob but it's not working because i'm just not turned on at all.

In the end I just got out of bed and said "I'm going to play Quake 3, don't bother me for a while"

She was good looking too. The problem was her accent was a real turnoff for me.
kltpzyxm* posted:
well, theres this girl who's family is fairly close friends with my extended family so she sometimes shows up at family functions. She's had a crush on me since I was like 12.

About a year or so ago, near christmas time, we both happened to be at my cousins birthday party. She starts asking me if I know what she wants for christmas, and I jokingly replied "yea, some dick." She got all quiet and returned, "How did you know.." Fast forward a few weeks later and I picked her up, brought her back to my house and began preparations for the sex. I guess I should describe her a bit.. She's tall and wiry thin. Not attractive in anyway, but not really malformed either. A solid 6 on the 1-10 scale, but thats not really the problem.. the problem is that she has zero personality and no goals or aspirations or desire to do.. much of anything it seems. I couldn't get a conversation off the ground with dependable starters such as "what did you do today" or "what kind of music do you like." Anyway, after a few minutes of yes/no answers and trying to be romantic or whatever, I decided to just skip all the bullshit and get down to business. But for some reason, during the act it weighed on me that I had no interest in this girl, never did and never would. So I just stopped, mid thrust, and put my clothes back on. I didnt even take her home right away, I sat at my computer and read the forums while she sat behind me and watched TV.. I have DirecTV and I know she doesn't even have basic cable so I guess I was doing her a favor. I eventually drove her home and didn't answer her call the next day.

Still, after a few months I ran into her again and she was still trying to cozy up next to me
Why must I be cursed with this AMAZING penis?!
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