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Don't you people understand? I can't be stopped. It's plentiful obvious, I will list all gs4u achievments specifically in this thread so everyone may gaze at my glory.

June 2005- Successfully created this beatiful account, and was the greatest poster of the forums, until AVK decided to start creating more threads. I soon regained this position as he retired.

July, 2005 - Bump into georgie and the gang, severely rape them, and gain eternal fame.

August- Register my first ever account at these forums, The forum immediately goes from a barren wasteland of filth and disaster to a cornocopia of godliness. However, it would be evident my one thread would wear off after a month or so, and this site would become even worse. Also, LMAO THIS IS THE DATE THE CORE VERSION OF 360 WAS ANNOUNCED, THE 19TH WAS LEMMING RAPEAGE DAY.

Septemeber- I forgot the password and register my new account, owning forumites left and right. I was extremely close to a mod position at this point in time. I gleefully rejected it from Wasim.

October- Filthy disgusting immigration of gamespot n00bs, these disgusting n00bs will be come to be known as SoulKeeper, HotSauce, and some other homos whom I will destructively own in the next or so minutes after merely posting.

November - Months go uninventfully, I am abscent for most of this time. Que even larger immigration of n00bs.Devo joins and monkies posts out his ip lmao.

December - Byhrte invents some faggot ass "fad" which involves putting a santa hat on your avatar. I quickly put him into his place, and note it will be the death of this forum if he doesn't stop. I was clearly right.

January, 2006 - I go home ine night, turn on my computer, go onto sw, and I decide to make a thread for the calm evening, I call out lemshits and their flawed XBL system, one lemming takes up the cause (ranik.gayz) and challenges me to a css match after being so severely owned by substatic and me, I rape the poor kiddo with ease.

February- My birthday, the 25 th goes by rather greatly, I decide to celebrate with another good old thread! I thought of it as an early birth day present, What I get instead of intelligent responses are hundreds of filthy baboons questioning me, this is where I make up quote: cry : /quote, which would become the forum standard. And thousands of users would rip off me, and my obvious wit.

March- More disgusting nerds challenging me to css, I attempt to peacefully, civily decline, but am butchered with threats. I have no choice but to face them. Now, understand this, my own personal safety was at risk in these matches. I HAD to feign to be terrible at css.

April - Even more css challenges, I eventually get sick of all these fucking css matches and ignore anymore requests, after I gave in to drinkingRogayand he made a video about it. (

June- My account is high jacked and Devo impersonates me, I try telling the neanderthal known as monkies, he is belittered and bans all of my fucking accounts except the imposter one and some random one I had.

August - I am BANNED, the same time I registered for the forums. I take a couple months absence, and come back, stronger, better, newer, and improved for more rapeage qualityies up to 200% in junuary 2007.

Jan. 2007- The idiotic monkey known as hal gives me "amensty" and I am a good poster for 3 months, until he finds a reason to randomly ban me, I still have no idea why and he claims it was only for a few hours.

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