The Thoughts of Waterfowl with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: tom i bet if animals could blog they wouldn't have much to say
Livestock: i mean seriously what is an animal going to blog about
Livestock: "found a really great pond today. think i'll sit in it."
Livestock: yeah like anyone is going to read that
Livestock: well i guess maybe other ducks might read it
Livestock: they might be interested in knowing the location of that pond
Livestock: but still
Moof: yeah josh
Moof: other ducks
Moof: other water fowl
Moof: swans
Moof: all kinds of animals
Moof: i think it would be a great success actually
Livestock: honestly tom i don't know
Moof: i will start
Livestock: why would you want a .org extension
Moof: because it is an organization
Moof: duh
Livestock: an organization of water fowl???
Moof: jesus josh sometimes i wonder whether you are really cut out for the digital generation
Livestock: honestly tom have you ever tried to organize water fowl
Moof: yes
Moof: i have
Livestock: seriously tom find a flock of ducks and organize them
Livestock: you will look like a fool
Moof: i will prove you wrong josh
Moof: i was literally raised by ducks
Moof: well not literally
Moof: i was raised by my parents
Livestock: well what does that have to do with being raised by ducks
Moof: josh listen the point is
Livestock: yes tom get to the point
Moof: if a duck blogged it's echo would be heard around the world
Moof: that is my point
Livestock: your point is dull
Livestock: not like a deer's hooves
Livestock: which slice like swords
Moof: so are you in or not
Livestock: in what
Livestock: tom if i'm going to read the thoughts of water fowl
Livestock: i want them to at least be american

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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