Going to England with Tom "Moof" Davies

Moof: what gifts should i take my family
Moof: for christmas
Moof: that england hasn't invented yet
Livestock: soap
Livestock: toothpaste
Moof: england has soap
Moof: england has toothpaste
Livestock: razors
Moof: hmm razors
Livestock: mutton chop trimmers
Moof: i cant take them on the plane
Livestock: top hat racks
Livestock: monocle stands
Moof: we dont need such trimmers we are proud :(
Livestock: foxes
Livestock: they like to hunt foxes
Livestock: crowns and gold
Livestock: rare species of man for the amusement of royalty
Moof: you know it well
Livestock: bell wax
Livestock: for waxing big ben
Moof: big ben is well taken care of thank you very much!!
Livestock: yes... yes it is ;-)
Moof: ;-)
Moof: what is your opinion on submarines do you think they have a place amongst the fishes
Livestock: i think submarines do have a place among the fish, as helicopters have a place amongst man.
Moof: as jumbo jets have a place amongst the soaring eagles and majestic dragons of lore
Livestock: when you think about it, moof, we are all submarines
Moof: nope i dont have a periscope
Livestock: i do

Tom is in England right now and I am unable to talk to him about large dogs so my life is kind of stressful at the moment.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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