Robert Finch
1300 Breakwynn Rd.
Hermanville, CA 93112

December 3, 2007

Carl O'Brien
Director of Shipping Department
83 Amazon Pkwy
Seattle, WA 98103

Dear Mr. O'Brien,

I have heard through certain sources i.e. your company's internet site that you are on the look out for a new shipping supervisor, and I am the man for this job. Allow me to explicate the rationalization as to why this is the job for me:

I am smart, hard-working, and I look good. I maintained a GPA of at least 3.7 throughout almost all of college. My volunteer work includes going to soup kitchens and making the soup better using my master chef skills, which I also have.

I have extensive experience in shipping, and have been mailing things practically my whole life. When I was young, my mother let me sit on her lap while she put stamps on letters, and ever since then I guess you could say I've gone "postal" for shipping things! I'll make sure everything is "ship shape" within my area of responsibility. If I may use fan fiction terminology for a moment, I am a me/this job "shipper".

If I had to pick what my main weakness is, it would be that if I get hired by someone, I work too hard at my job, and I take my job home, and all I'll talk about is my job, and I follow my boss home and try to get him to talk about my job at night and when he is in the bathroom also. I have tattoos from every job I've ever worked.

I am clean, dress well, shave well, and I have no piercings. I do have one tattoo, but it is in an easily concealable location.

Thank you for your consideration re:hiring me.

Robert Finch

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