You will never see more beautiful creatures than those you will find strutting their bodies upon the runway of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. They are wearing only underwear. They move towards you and then away from you wearing only clothes that are normally beneath their other clothes. They invite you to look at their nearly naked shapes.

Janekka Otterminge struts her stuff on the plank. She is wearing a sensual blue ice fairy shoulder pauldron with whimsical snowflake corset and baby's burp bra and panty combo.

Tensor: This attractive woman is standing with her anterior side towards the seven o'clock position, but with her eyes facing the five. These garments are intended to make you desire to attempt acts of reproduction with her.

Pinion-Runnel: I do not wish to reproduce with this image.

Tensor: The image time-captures an actual moment. This human woman existed beyond the image.

Pinion-Runnel: Do I have access to her beyond the constraints of the image?

Tensor: Theoretically.

Pinion-Runnel: I wish to exploit this access to further the cause.

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