Fume Wizzard reeked:

Hey, if anybody is reading this I just saw my dad and my dog turn into smoke. It smells bad and I am afraid.

vindizzl reeked:

tried to tell everyone! Are they just sitting there like ghosts or kind of drifting around and spreading out?

Fume Wizzard reeked:

My dad yelled for me and I ran in. They were turning into gas really fast. My dad looked afraid, but he didn't move. The dog tried to run away but he fell over because his back legs were already smoke. My dad stayed in his chair and then the gas was shaped like him. It started to move towards me so I locked myself in my room.

familyguystewie reeked:

Rick Sanchez just tweeted that everyone is turning into gas. We're turning into gas now. No one knows why. This is really happening.

obamas_body_soil reeked:

This is it! This is what Glenn Beck was talking about! I am ready for it.

Fume Wizzard reeked:

I can smell it. Really strong now. What did Glenn Beck say to do?

muskedranger reeked:

This is everything I wanted in my life. I wanted more than to smell a stink or taste a tawdry toot. I want that nasty nectar in my lungs and to go into my cells and become a part of my body. To change who I am. But now it's even better. I will be a gas man. Just gas or man? I don't care.

sookie_stinkhouse reeked:

On my local TV they said to remain calm and everything will be okay, but I know this girl who knows this other girl who half turned into gas and she is stuck now with gas arms and legs and it hurts really bad.

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