JaysenMilnan brings us the worst racing tragedy since that time Dale Earnhardt crashed the Space Shuttle Columbia into the World Trade Center.

schwenz is timely as ever making fun of the Ford Pinto controversy.

geno1173 uses that tired old bumper car yak cliché. How many times, how many times...

hathfallen portrays his vision of Jerry Bruckheimer's Bumper Cars:

And finally, Kanzune can staple the top-right corner of my important papers any day.

And that seems to be the end of this week. Thanks to the Something Awful Forum Goons, who for 100 editions of Photoshop Phriday have provided tons of hilarious images. You guys are the absolute best, and I'm sorry I recently sold you in order to pay for my plastic surgery. But don't worry, Phriday will continue better than ever with nothing but the hilarious comments I write entirely to aggravate the 3 people who read them. I'm kidding, we'll have lots more good pictures in the coming weeks and months. For one thing, we tied a hot dog to a string and used it to wrangle a bunch of Fark users into our cattle wagon. From now on they'll be doing all our images. Be sure to come by next week when we feature hilarious video game screenshots with "PWNNN3D!!!!1" written over them.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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