The Something Awful forums contain thousands of animal photos that will make you say "cool" or "awww." This makes the site a wonderful resource for people who enjoy being amused and swooning and exclaiming things. However, for this thread the SA Forum Goons decided to use their Photoshop mastery to improve upon nature's humble majesty by infusing earth creatures with cosmic, psychedelic and/or recursive characteristics. Fuck yeah!

The movie Dogs in Space focused on that dead guy from INXS and his junkie buddies. By contrast, Jey's theme-opening masterpiece actually delivers a dog in space. Good boy!

The Ice Cats of Hoth were predatory felines that shot quills from their fur. But Bloody Hedgehog spent decades cross-breeding them with Tauntauns, and now they're adorable, domesticated pack animals.

The Royal Nonesuch combed the galaxy to find the only living creature excited about Brett Favre's latest comeback.

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