CombatWombat is far too high concept for me.

GithzeraiSamurai has his own take on the recent Colorado Killdozer affair.

geno1173 knows a real woman when he sees one.

occamsmonkey made this picture that flies right over my head like a UFO. Hey, remember that movie "Spaced Invaders"? That sure was cool when I was 8.


Unkempt shares with us this private moment very dear to his heart.

Come and see, geno1173 brings us the Four Turtles of the Apocalypse!

And I'm just going to go ahead and say we're done. This was certainly a fun theme and I think all the Something Awful Forum Goons did a fantastic job. Please join us next week when we just go hog wild and Photoshop the heck out of some fine antiquie home blueprints! Fun for the whole family! Oh, and there is a Page of Shame but I won't tell you how to find it. Okay, I will. Check the next page.

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