"spacebadger" does entirely too much singing:

This "illumn8d" cereal almost didn't make the cut:

All talk, no action "Prof Murda" brings the mean streets to us:

"Slugworth" knows whats in the fucking box:

"Liquidex" has me excited about that free woman skin suit:

Thanks to contraversial cereal creator "darthphunk" for this:

That concludes the visually pleasing section of Photoshop Phriday. If you'd like to injure your eyes and don't want to do it yourself, proceed to the last and final page, where the shitty images shine bright and proud. Thanks to the Something Awful Forum Goons for producing all the good stuff featured here this week, and thanks to you for absorbing it like a diaper. Join us next week when we Photoshop Robocop's Water Park Adventure.

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