This week I asked the Goons to Photoshop historical artifacts featured on the Library of Congress website. There was a hefty amount of material ranging from documents to photographs, so the Goons had quite a bit to sink their teeth into. In case you're too busy to visit the Library of Congress website, this is an example of an image featured there:

That's completely unedited and already it features a whore-like woman with a mutant sex dwarf. Sadly, not all the images were that fun from the beginning. But with a little work and some big ideas, the Goons brought new life to many great but boring vestiges of the past.

I think this image personifies a good amount of what America is about. "BombBomb" runs a tip-top household:

"Glitch" keeps things nice and innocent when dealing with kids:

"EvilJesus" likes pictures of ships and seamen:

As if this mutant lesbian manchild wasn't weird enough, "Pixelman" had to bring in a puppet:

"flamingmuse" has a disappearing act of his own, if you know what I mean! I don't know what I mean, so here's an image he made:

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