This week is very special. I promise you it will never happen again in a million years, and if it does, well, then you can each punch me in the face with the fist of your choosing. This week we’re showcasing some stunning images of celebrities with sausages for limbs. Why? I don’t know why and I hope I never will. It just happened. I apologize to the world for inadvertently publishing what is sure to be the next god awful Internet fetish from hell. Please do not masturbate to this.

Some weirdo named dubqnp posted this on our wholesome forums, and forever ruined everything. Seriously, what were you thinking? Why? Why???

Cranberry Jelly is trying his hardest to make sausagefests a good thing.

I’m not writing anything about this MARRY ME OZMA picture.

ucka brings us this saucy photo of Frankie Muniz.

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