Nine years ago, SA goon Pidge got a "tribal" tattoo that fellow forums user Grin and Tonic accurately described as "two big glittery N's." Understandably, he'd like to change it into something less stupid. His peers were happy to help.

Kageneko saw an opening that just screamed "Attack!"

King Lou has a bright idea, but it looks like someone beat him to it, though her placement was curious at best.

westborn imagines cold green skin against soft warm flesh ... a croak ... a scream.

WuChou proposes a different approach: Keep the tattoo intact, but lose your legs and change your species.

Bash Ironfist suggests ass is my canvas should add the caption "qa'pla'" for "bonus awesome." Consider it done!

Obscuritatem warms my grim, frostbitten heart.

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