As with the tattoo thread, the "Help me design a funny coffe (sic) cup" theme started with a normal guy asking for suggestions. Bizarrely, it ended in the mass-production of pottery designed to replicate what forums user potidaean calls a "Lovecraftian distended anus." Scroll down to see more about that project, if you're so inclined. First, though, here are a couple images you can appreciate without viewing the Internet's grotesqueries, as well as another one with a disgusting prerequisite.

Turd Nelson made this worldly cup.

Turd Nelson's favorite A-Team episode was clearly "The Spy Who Mugged Me."

Secret Sweater designed a mug for girls to use in the tub. If that sounds pleasant to you, please, leave it at that.

Finally, Empty Sandwich urges everyone to "drink coffee from a famous orifice." Here's his actual work in progress.

Thanks to the SA Forum Goons for all the images and ass mugs. Please come back next week, I have a good feeling about THE FUTURE.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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