"...whatever." - Squall Lionheart, Final Fantasy VIII (VIIIjp) Developed by SquareSoft and Published by Sony Computer Entertainment of America (Said many times by the protagonist during the love story/adventure)

Oh shit, you had to remember 50 words???

Kikyo is more deserving of Inyusha's affection but Kagome can take care of him better.

0 posts. Just the way it should be.

I don't get why they show Inyuasha on Adult Swim. Is that them trying to be ironic or someting?

Just pay me 5 dollars each and I'll give you all the "anime" you could ever want. Muhahahaha!

Just think how many proteins could get folded if these guys didn't post so much shit. We'd have cured cancer already.

I love Inyuasha thiiiiiiis much! *holds arms out wide*

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