Somewhere out there there's a MySpace page with 60 of these on one profile.

I wouldn't be surprised if that crying chick posted on all three forums we featured today.

This is why the world hates America.

Posts like these are why employers are searching for what prospective employees write on the Internet.

Eh, I'd hit it.

Ugh, AmeriKKKa sux!

Stop posting, Sanjaya!

I give up. I'm gonna vote for him 700 times next time!

Special thanks to Khad, HulkaMatt, Sarumpaet, Sheriff JohnBunnell, A PRIZED MULE!, wolf_eyes, Hawaiian Shirt, Mossisen, Gayrod Fink, The_Cack, Slot, Illustrator Face, Best Friend, blinkertits, and duck punches, who are all truly America's idols.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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