This week's forums made me feel like we got something for free, since they seemed pretty normal until we actually started looking at them. It was like the time Burger King gave me an extra bag of food so I just took off. That whole "They gave us extra whoppers. Drive, DRIVE!" feeling came rushing back.

Fashion Forum

Fashion is for suckers, there's way more interesting stuff to talk about. Like, say, crossdressing and obesity.

Say it, girlfriend.

"jonas" is some kind of computer journalist. Unforunately, I think the one thing that isn't fair and balanced is his diet.

All right, go to your room.

I have to wonder how many times "Jay" angrily adjusted his bra while typing this.

Oh you're getting married, are you? We'll see what the Internet has to say about that, young lady!

Craftmatic adjustable beds aren't built to handle that.

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