There are people who actually like Sanjaya?! Wow, this changes my whole outlook on life. I thought they were just voting for him because he was no good. My American Idol veiwing experience will never be the same again.

Yeah, that's great you American Idol fuck. It's because of people like you that real TV shows with SCRIPTS and STORIES aren't being made anymore! And the only shows with scripts these days are crime dramas. FUCK!

I can't get enough of these wonderful gifs. We'll be sprinkling them in between the posts.

The fate of our nation's American Idol rests on this important poll.

What's worse? Participating in this stupid vote for the worst movement, or getting angry about people who are voting for Sanjaya because he is the worst? I can't decide!

Stephanie Edwards said that?! Ugh, my life is ruined.

Is he sitting in a landromat?

Chris Sligh, knocked out of the kareoke contest so unfairly. We'll miss you, sweet prince.

It's like a goon got on American Idol.

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