Why is there so much pubic hair in my keyboard?

"NIGGER HATTER" and "BlanksBoy77" have an intelligent and thought provoking discussion about American cinema.

"Craig Smith" wears soiled women's underwear.

I really wish I could click on that link.

White isn't a color though buddy.

I'm sorry but if your children can't learn how to shit correctly how are they going to argue the law in front of a judge?

"flyestfisherman" only prays to one god, and that's a tub of butter.


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    The Fandangling Fables of Groggery Gibbonman

    'We’re going to be in trouble!' Little Sister wailed, clutching her favorite book to her chest and sobbing. 'This isn’t fun like a story anymore!' But Big Sister was not listening, she was thinking. She grabbed Little Sister’s book from her and ran into town, yelling 'Help! A book made me and my sister hurt someone!'

  • Enter: the Lead Loremaster

    Enter: the Lead Loremaster

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