"Cabinger" doesn't have any quarters on him at the moment. That's his story and he's sticking to it.

"f.b.i." has probably met my cousin. Hey if you see Jose tell him I want my SNES games back. Fuck.

So you're best friends with Uncle Tom? I don't follow you.

No matter how hard I try I simply cannot follow what these dumbfucks ever say.

It's not only funny that pro-white personal ads exist, it's hillarious that this guy apparently got caught by his wife.

Well, I guess you can't say that Aryan mothers don't prepare their children for the years ahead.

Are they talking about some kind of Counterstrike game or something?

You're quite clever "Ebola". What's next? "The Bible. The greatest fictional story ever told"? Because that's equally as clever. I just can't get over how clever that was.

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