The Book of ThoTH

"This site is called The Book of THoTH because legend has it, that all the greatest secrets were held there, it was the source of ultimate wisdom." Yeah, okay. In reality this forum seems to be the place to go to discuss aliens and spirits and the alien spirits that are haunting your kitchen for some reason.

Demon kids like this are why I never want to be that guy that works at Chuck E. Cheese and tells you to cut it out when you climb up the skee-ball ramp and throw all your balls in the center ring to get tons of tickets.

Hey, if I were her boyfriend I'd smudge myself too.

Most people like to cleanse their houses with things like water and bleach.

"Big Sage" is screwing us again.

At first I thought star beings were going to have something to do with enormous, round bodies that are full of gas. I still think that, actually.

"emilbusublime's" belt is positioned to align with the very last hole.

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