Though Weekend Web is about moving forward, it's always nice to visit old friends. This week we're headed back to GameFAQs to find out the latest and greatest news from the world of video games. Of course instead of news all we found out was who would win in a fight between Goku and Trunks. I still say Goku no matter how long Trunks has powered up.

This is just the kind of humor Rockstar inserts into the Grand Theft Auto series that appeals to their many fans. Did you know there is a team called the "69ers"? Now that, that's "lulz". ROFL!

Any TV show where you have to go to the creator of said TV show to find out what happened isn't worth watching. You see, Toriyama was too busy being Japanese to realize he was drawing the wrong scene but he decided to go with it because anime is really awful anyway! Ohhh, that makes so much sense, thank you.

You can't buy publicity like this.

It would take me a million years to find out what is going on in this post but it has the word furry in it so it must be pathetically entertaining.

When EA buys out Take Two all the radio stations in GTA are going to be replaced with EA Trax. When a new song comes on a window that takes up 1/4 of the screen helpfully informs you what rap song it is.

The ceremony where they retired his account was yesterday. He got a standing ovation. Whatever MPO+ is, I hope it has a hall of fame, for we have lost a great player in "Hit man" today. He was a master of whatever this game was about and he'll be missed.

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