Don't feel bad, some girls just turn into bigfoot naturally.

If anything you havn't had enough. Look, you've already established a repuation and by golly you've gotta maintain it. And it's not like you had any future anyway. I say cut your losses early and make as much money sucking dick as you possibly can.

Declare your love for him on AIM.

I still drag women on the ground. Goddamnitt that was the way of our forefathers and I'll be damned if I'm going to let that tradition die out.

Ten bucks says she's pregnant before she hits 17.

It was always wierd in high school when senior guys would go out with freshmen girls. You know, save future policemen the time and effort and just arrest the guy for child pornography and statutory rape right then and there. You know it's bound to happen anyway.

Hey it's not incest if you're more than five branches apart on the family tree! Go for it!

Sorry but there's no fucking way in zombie hell that I'm reading this fucking post. Filter it through an anti-fuckface translator and then get back to me.

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