Hey, uhm, it's called a RAPIST.

Here's a test that you can administer on yourself to see if you are crazy. Call your mother, and tell her you want to fuck a robot. If the sound that emits from your phone is similiar to the sound of someone dropping to the floor then you just might be batshit insane.

She doesn't know that you jerk off to an image of her dressed up like a robot spanking your fat hairy ass every night? I'm sure that if there was a way to be glad that you didn't know something then this girl would be the happiest person alive.

This guy has every episode of Small Wonder on tape.

My sister had a "My Size Barbie" when she was a kid. I'm glad I didn't want to have sex with it.

Yeah he just "happens" to be furry. That's not something you just blurt out like that. Even the fembot fetish lover here is disgusted. Wow just wow.

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