I don't know how that would happen! I mean, Gamespy is a totally honorable company that would never sell email addresses to other companies for large sums of money!

No wonder you don't see many video game ads on televison. Publishers can always count on faggots like this to advertise their product for free.

Have you ever heard of the internet? You can find information on the internet. Or just post a thread about it instead of, you know, LOOKING AT THE FUCKING GAME PUBLISHER'S WEBSITE.

As long as I don't have to do anything or talk to you sign me up!

This is how those scary Star Wars religions start up. Don't be surprised if you see "borix" knocking on your door asking you to join The Jedi Order.

When people say they spend all night or day playing a video game are they serious? I mean, who would really admit that? Don't you have anything better to do? I can see playing a game for three or four hours, but anything over five hours you'd have to be a really pathetic person with nothing going on in your life.

"IdontGAMEmuch" is having issues with his friends.


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