In my forty two years I've come to hate computers. I hate them with a raging passion only matched by my seething hate for people who dress up their pets in festive holiday outfits. Oh you think the cats don't know what's going on, but they do. And they're dead inside.

In the almost five year history of Something Awful not once has this web site done anything for laughs. This humble piece of the web just isn't into that kind of nonsense.

While your parents wanted you to play with the dog more often sticking your arm up it's rectum to the elbow wasn't their idea of playtime, dear.

Calling a manga comic a "book" only serves to insult other books like Dennis Rodman's "Bad As I Want To Be". If only we gave him a chance.

She works hard for the money.

The Department of Homeland Security may be hellbent on getting these Al Queda bastards but let me tell you one thing, the real terrorists are right here in this image.

After viewing these images I can honestly say I can't feel physical pain anymore. I am actually burning myself with a lighter right now and it simply cannot match the raw emotional trauma this horrible forum is putting me through right now.


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