Who Posts There: These people.

What is Posted There: If the users of Stormfront are to be believed then the holocaust never happened, Germans wern't responsible for the deaths of millions of Jews, and every Jewish family got a free Playstation 2 from the Nazi party.

If there's anything Germany is good for it's scat fetish pornography. Those German chicks will eat anything.

I think a better weapon to use against the Germans would be a gun. But what do I know?

Hey **** you pal. Those were great *****er movies. ****er.

Let's say I kidnap somebody and lock them in my dank basement. Eventually they die of dysentery. You mean to tell me I'm off the hook? Score one for me!

I have to admit this post is pretty funny.

"Boer Warrior" has trouble putting on his pants and fitting inside of roller coaster cars.

5. I have a right to shoot Mexicans that somehow deteriorate the economy and lower my quality of life.
6. I have the right to have sex with my sister and possibly shoot her if she gets out of line.
7. I have a right to make a fool out of myself on an internet message board.

Okay. Let's just assume "White is Right" is right and that boxing is designed for black people. So that's one thing compared to the millions of things geared in favor of white people. Big deal.

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