I'm not against men drinking semen, but when this guy does it it probably has something to do with Yoshi.

I know you can't click the links in this image, but the question you really have to ask yourself is, do you really want to?

I'm a Yoshi!

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at a mentally unstable person's mind.

Ugh, I hate women. I want to be with Yoshi!

They also draw non-Yoshi art. I'm really glad.

I can't seem to meet people. They never call back after they've seen my posts on the Yoshi forum. WHY AM I SO ALONE?!

Someone in BYOB said this about the image below: "you may have heard of this band they are pretty underground but i like them they are called the beatles" Oh it was defenestr8. He was a writer for the Craig Kilborn show. He writes jokes for us now.

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