Oh, because I figured it would smell like Chicken of the Sea.

Again, do you really want to click?

At least it's better than Megatokyo.

What a surprise. This guy loves queer TV shows I've only heard other queers talk about.

Fartin' on your posts.

Special thanks goes out to all the Yoshi lovers out there in BYOB like Flying-Pig, BrainMeats, vlad3217, MagnumOpus, Toad on a Hat, LoveSauce, Lamont Cranston, Karl Rove, defenstr8, RandolphCarter, Jett, IveMadeSnacks, HAL Capone, coolhockey, Madchado de Assis, GNUspeak, JMike, Raelus, Shmorky, Volcano Style, Hulka Matt, borot, Dr. Bluman, Jacobus Spades, Ion Agenda, and Coffee Jones.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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