Next to the Jews skaters are the most persecuted group in history. Their passionate hobby, riding a skateboard, has been declared a crime and they are hunted and killed for their meat. It's a hard life being a skater but through it all they hold true to their ideals that all people are essentially good at heart.

One group is keeping hope alive. Skaters meet at SkatersCafe to preach peace and knowledge in order to solve world problems. If only everyone was a skater. There would be no need for heaven, because we'd already be there.

Woah, skater art. It looks like a live web cam view of Jim Henson.

All skaters are gay what are you talking about.

These are some witty guys.

You don't have to be Jerry Orbach to figure this one out, Randomd00d.

I usually wear dress pants.

Ewww, girls.

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