Sorry to say this but you only have six weeks to live.

See above.


Congrats! Your first STD!

All of them.

Yes, that's why they explode.


She totally diagnosed herself.

Girl, you have no idea.

Special thanks to untriedanduntested, Housemaster, Sensible_Psycho, Stutes, FruMoogle, Kauka, Seven Five Nine, most erotic flower, vlad3217, HulkaMatt, Bag of Glass, big mean giraffe, Khad, Karma Sutra, Hawkstein, King Bowflexious, YouPube, Posture_Pal, big duck equals goose, Meitnerium, and szud who truly are the wind beneath my wings. They create drag that helps me fly!

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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