This guy is straight up out of his mind. I make all my imaginary videogame girlriends out of clay.

Does anyone want to tell him that real girls exist, or should we try and keep this going?

Twenty-two years and nothing to show for it but a puddle for a girlfriend. A damn shame.

"Daisy Lover" wiped his mouth off with his shirt before typing this.

"But the princess, she always wants me around."

That's all for this week. Thanks to my homies Sporkarus, The Young Homer, mojo king bee, Phineas Gage, japanther, The Hugsville Horror, cranius, Flying-Nugs, Picnic of Love, YASD, AntiEverything, mindphlux, E_P, Sireg, paulsan, Capt_Jim, BreathMints, segnomin, Depressing Drawers, Livefox, A Certain Ratio, maxnmona, Marduk, and Robot Machine for making it all possible.
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