David Icke Forum

Conspiracy theorist, author, self-proclaimed son of God, exposer of reptilian infiltration in government, spirit world communicator, Illuminati believer-inner, and owner of a fairly unflattering haircut. Though to be honest, I think "World famous crazy guy" would fit better on a business card.

The first thing they teach you in Internet school is that the bigger text = more true.

It would seem that "damion" is actually a villain from the future.

Just as it was foretold in the ancient texts by the prophets of old: God would make himself known after a wicked killer party out in the country.

Every time I read something like this it makes me want to go take a dump in a river purely out of spite.

I guess the French pimp lookin' dude is supposed to signify something bad, but in my opinion he's the best part of this whole bloody forum.

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