I hate homeschooling and all of its proponents. That's why I'm going to use posts from the Homeschool.com forums out of context to make them look bad and push my radical agenda. That'll learn 'em to try to teach their kids something. If you take your kids out of public school, how are they ever going to learn how to have a tawdry affair with a teacher and get into all the papers? Don't deny your child that kind of opportunity.

See, these are first-hand accounts of the horrors of homeschooling. Please cancel this program now!!!

You denied your son a chance to learn a very valuable lesson, that if you challenge the establishment you will be singled out and ridiculed. Now how is he ever going to survive the corporate world? He's going to be unable to hold a job and become homeless and have to suck dicks for money. I hope you're happy now. You've ruined his life.

Pagans are fat.

Another tragic example of a life gone wrong, all because of homeschooling. Sigh, such a waste.

If I were homeschooled I would jerk off so much.

HAHAHA you idiot! You blew it up!

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