A small price to pay for not having to read your posts.

All girls are sluts.

Haha Jesus Christ, talk about a stick up your ass. Do the Something Awful Forums mods have weekend jobs at Teens-4-Christ? Blammo.

Yikes, you look ghastly, do you have AIDS? No, I'm just a vegetarian.

I like when the titties are flopping out I just do okay.

God is dead. If you want proof just read any post by ImaSaved1.

Special thanks to Earwicker, Got Your Gum, evilBeer, AlbinoHagfish, panascope, NoControl, almightyjimbob, Gordon Lightfoot, citizenh8, TimmyWestwood, fociP, Dr. Ron Paul, Amir, Defenestration, giancarlo, Attaboy Champ, Cuddlebottom, Factor_VIII, Registered Loser, JollyKlansman, actionjackson and softbomb. God bless them, every one.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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