I'm not sure what Totse is supposed to be about at the moment. All I have are the images of posts about drugs and calling people fags and I don't really want to go visit their site again. Here's the link if you want to go see it. I don't reccomend that though. Legend has it that the sheer concentration of horrible posts have made people go insane.

Listen, forget all that complicated stuff. Just go under the sink and drink every colored liquid down there. You'll experience the trip of your life.

Spokker hears ya. Spokker don't care.

One time my sandwhich from Subway was laced with mushrooms and I died and I sued and got a twenty million dollar settlement.

There's an easier way to change your transcripts. Go to school, do well, and your transripts will magically change. Wait that ain't gonna happen. Alright, go with the hacking idea.

Oh "Electron" you card.

What's wrong "bleep!"? "Electron" is cool and in your face! He's a poster who follows his own rules! What are you, some kind of square?


Hm, I didn't realize that I'm a fag. I'll get that checked out right away.

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