Mentioning Something Awful and another website in the same sentence, if that could be called a sentence.

An actual Something Awful forum member.

Random inane off the wall post that's supposed to be irrevrent and funny.

Internet tough guy threats.

Check out this cool website I found.

Help, I can't work my internet.


Jeff K speak.

Boring e/n post. And isn't that really what the internet is all about?

Special thanks to my FYAD friends aRemissMinotaur, Verm, gohans manhood, kuribo, Anger Monkey, Hot Dog Day #49, Darksider, McMurphy, Karnivore, Jesus Krist, Evil_Penguin_v2, weasel, kliksf, Eggz, Skeeter Green, EvanTH, Dragon, DHarrisburg, KillerTwinkie, Incoherence, solbaid, and avi for contributing to this report.

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– Zachary "Spokker Jones" Gutierrez

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