We continue our special Weekend Web: Bashing Women Edition with a series of forums about women who have made some very bad mistakes. We've talked about this time and time again on Weekend Web. The Internet helps people who are like-minded convince each other that their lifestyle is perfectly okay and acceptable. Some of this is positive, like homosexuals reaching out to each other in an attempt to stamp out bigotry and hatred against the gay community. Most of the time however, it's very negative. Teen pregnancy forums help girls convince themselves it's perfectly okay to bring new life into this world only to grow up and steal my mint-condition Spiderman comics to sell for meth. The MySpace generation is having kids. We're doomed.

I think "feeling a little blonde" was how she got knocked up in the first place.


Two reasons I picked this image: 1) The term "gyn" and 2) it's no surprise her friend had a baby. Great minds think alike!

A drama bomb on a pregnant teen board? You don't say!

Feeling a little blonde 365 days a year.

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