Pile on, boys! We can't wear the novelty out fast enough!

This 1989 Honda Civic with no paint that some brainiac just left at the side of the road like a SUCKER is about 20,000x better than buying a new car. We're talkin' hobo logic.

Some folks have to really try to achieve this level of horrible nerdiness. To others it comes naturally.

What a lovely week this is going to be.


If I were a time-travelling warrior with a leather suit sent back on a mission to this time period I would be pissed off for a variety of reasons. I'd probably be genetically engineered to be angry all the time so there's no getting around that, but the real bummer would be having to share air with "webster_basic." That, and all the fat chicks.

When they said in that movie Wargames, "The only way to win is not to play," that was not in regard to girls.

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