The end is coming, and for real this time. I'm serious. It's like right around the corner, and then it's all over, so kiss your loved ones and pet the dog because we're THIS CLOSE to burning all eternity. I'm doing that little thing with my thumb and index fingers to indicate how close we are. You can't see it, but I'm totally doing it. This close.

This thread should remind us to stock up on emergency data packets in case the shit hits the fan.

Wait so the devil was responsible for Blogger going down? I thought he was supposed to be the bad guy.

He'll be back! They all come back!

Don't spread it around too much but there's going to be a surprise party for Jesus after the rapture.

Good call bro, don't kick it with no vampire bitches.

Sounds like someone drank a little too much water in the pool.

Haha wow, I'm really digging Michelle's website.

Come on Michelle, put some heart into it. A little curly line of smoke, a hole in the tree, just anything.

Hey, what do ya know, our last stop IS an awful lot like Hell -- Anime pedophiles! There's your warning, so now you can't yell at me.

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