Whoa man. Just think about this for a second. Do you really want to reveal this incredibly confidential information that you just pulled from your ass to the world?

Holy shit. I dont even know what to say.

How can you plebs even function knowing that Type III aliens are right around the corner.

I would say you have an entire percentage point to yourself there wacko.

Oh you dont believe me? Well take a gander at these WEBSITES.

Special thanks to Kismet, Y-Hat, Fluffdaddy, ShortStack, The Puppet Master, Mr Snips, Notinghamington, shortprsn, SpecialK, TelevisedInsanity, Ears, CerebralAssassin, Rd Rash 1000cc, Aww Cute Kitty!, Brother Jonathan, is that a egg, Fl0yd, Stump Truck, vandelay industries, and DefenseSupportParty for their image contributions. Feel free to shoot me an email if you'd like to suggest a future forum to get to know better.

– Chris "Kewpuh" Binkley

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