Bone Horror Laura Ingraham said something mean to Danny Hogs the young man who is very mad about guns and must be taken seriously even when he's complaining about other things on twitter. This is repulsive and we must boycott immediately. Do your duty and place your phone up to your face and scream at one of Laura Ingraham's advertisers until they dump that bitch. I'm sorry for saying bitch. Laura Ingraham is horrible without regard to her gender.

Please boycott one of the following companies that are still advertising on her show:

  • The Bone Box (B.O.N.E.S.) Monthly Subscription Box of Animal Bones
  • "My Crimes Are Good Because the Government is Bad" a Documentary Film By Republican Crime Guy produced by a guy who for no reason has ten billion dollars
  • The Rope You Put Down Your Dick Hole
  • NiteBark Premium Late Night Back Yard Full of Barking Dogs
  • Tchk Rotten Tooth Flavored Mints
  • The Sound of Relatives Fucking
  • Jars of Bespoke Farts
  • Badgood: The Revolutionary Book That Explains Why It's Good Not to Care About Other People and Actually Bad to Try to Help Them
  • BX5O: The Only Halloween Spooky Sounds Record That Plays Back at Half Speed
  • Eye Awgg: Permanent Under Eyelid Hair
  • Dust Jet the World's Most Abrasive Waterless Shower
  • Breakout Barrier: Insurance for Private Prisons to Cover the Lost Revenue of People Freed By the Innocence Project
  • United Airlines
  • Giant Buckets of Oatmeal for Apocalyptic Suckers
  • The Chicken Restaurant Where Jews Get Chased Out With a Broom
  • The Collectible Gold Coin With a Picture of the President Kissing a Flag On One Side and "LOCK HER UP!" On the Other
  • A Crowdfunded Supreme Court Legal Challenge to Prevent Sonic the Hedgehog From Getting Pregnant

We have to stop Laura Ingraham from targeting the shooting teens. She has to learn her lesson and the only way to teach her a lesson is to go after her advertisers. Thankfully, a few of her advertisers have responded to the call for a boycott.

I would like to salute the following advertisers who thought Laura Ingraham was fine right up until today and now realize she has gone too far:

  • Yummish: Working With the Homeless To Turn Them Into Premium Dog Food
  • The Company That Privatized All of the World's Water Supply
  • Glorbus: The Orkut for Conservatives
  • The Chicken Restaurant Where Jews Just Get Stared At But Are Allowed to Order
  • A New Type of Insulin That Hurts More to Get People to Stop Being Diabetics
  • A Phone Number You Call to Give Your Social Security Number to Prove You Support the President
  • Crunchyroll

We have a long way to go to shut this bitch down, but we can do it. I said bitch again. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to say it again. I am trying to be a better person and I am sorry if this offended you.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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