King Arthur in Time and Space, submitted by Flux Wildly. Fan fiction and web comics are bad, we all know this. What may not yet be clear, but will be by the end of this Awful Link of the Day, is that combining fan fiction with web comics is far worse than the sum of its parts. King Arthur in Time and Space is a web site that transcends even THAT horrid combo, by mixing it all together with Arthurian legend.

Rather than just send you blindly into this hellhole of a site, let me try to explain its concept to the best of my ability. Okay, this guy took the legends of King Arthur and wrote a comic about it set in the Star Trek universe. Instead of simply being satisfied with creating that monster though, the author proceeded to throw characters in from Dr. Who and other shows, all the while writing intensely boring fan fiction. There are also comics on there that I think are about Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, although I can't be sure because the art is so fucking horrible.

I've reworked the King Arthur in Time and Space imaginary screen canon notes into a timeline, correlating true screen canon, my fanfiction, my King Arthur in Time and Space stories, and the imaginary screen canon.

The most ironic part is that when the guy first started doing the comic he drew it by hand and it looked about 5,000 times better. As he became lazier, crazier, and apparently less talented artistically, he switched to doing the comic by randomly creating shapes with the MS Paint shape tool. His web site is also a hideous mess of links buried in text that makes it almost impossible to fully navigate, not that you would want to unless you're a horrible masochist.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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