CrippleXXX, submitted by Crazy Eyez Killa. If the name of this site alone doesn't get you to cringe many of the photos will. Cripple XXX is a site that claims to be all about expressing the beauty of the disabled through pornographic layouts, which is I suppose an admirable goal with an extremely dubious means of reaching this goal. Having some chick who lost her leg in a thresher accident fingering her vagina in a cheerleader costume is not going to make me realize that crippled people can be beautiful. That's because the horror of the site is only fully enjoyed once you realize the context of the "genre" of cripple porn. Normal people aren't going to realize that the crippled women are beautiful, people who are obsessed with crippled women are going to jack off incessantly. Not only that but amputation fetishes are fucking horrible and dangerous things that sometimes involve people mutilating themselves or others to get their kicks, no pun intended.

Gentlemen start your engines. It's Fantasy Racing time! Do you have what it takes to keep up with me around the track? If you do, I promise it will be the ride of your life. I can guarantee there will be a big prize after taking the checkered flag!

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I've seen beautiful women with crippling injuries before, but these ladies (and a guy) are shredding their dignity by pandering to a group of degenerates that WANT to see them injured. They're not "okay" with amputees and cripples, they love them, they want everyone to be like them, in fact they could only get off to them. Good work Cripple XXX!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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